I know that I’ve neglected this project given a few reasons:

  1. I have a full time job as a software tester
  2. I’m an officer in the Michigan Army National Guard
  3. I’m married and like to stay that way

However, there’s also the fact that I don’t have my own aircraft to play around with.

With that said, I’ve created a forum so that interested parties can communicate.

You’ll notice it’s a self signed certificate. The SHA-256 fingerprint is as follows:

01 12 48 6E 20 3D F0 46 8C 9B 9F 62 AB E5 AE A6
43 81 70 BD C8 A5 FB 6C 88 0F DA D9 34 B4 A9 01

Feel free to sign up and discuss where you think this project should go!


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